When it comes to “Products”, we offer an extensive range of ready-for-use data input devices that we purchase from a wide variety of suppliers. They include keyboards, cursor controls, touchscreens, decoders and other functional components to satisfy any requirement.


In terms of “customisation”, we make available our complete service package for personalised data input systems. They range from operating components to control panels and we even make complex equipment, developing and manufacturing it in line with your specifications.

Areas of expertise

As far as “areas of expertise” are concerned, we enable you to gain access to individual services and production stages. For example, we provide R&D services and extensive production work – assembling printed circuit boards, for example.



August 27, 2014
The all new TKR-094-TOUCH-ADH-USB

The keyboard TKR-094-TOUCH-ADH-USB...

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May 31, 2014
Smart Clinical Board Serie is now complete

The “Smart Clinical Board” serie is with the release of the TKG-086-IP68-WHITE complete. The keyboard that is now available has compact dimensions and, as a result, it...

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10/04/2015 - 10/06/2015
Hospital Healthcare and I.T. Conference

We are excited to be back at the HCP IT and are looking forward to showcasing our products. ...

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